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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to North York Ink.  We are a boutique tattoo studio located at the heart of our district. Our aim is to provide the community of North York and passerby’s from near-by districts with quality tattoos and piercings close to home in a clean and comfortable environment. 

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Our Story

Our studio is home to many tattooers, both artists and clients alike. We push the limits of our creativity to reach higher levels of artistry to then be applied to our most prized medium, your skin!


We pride ourselves on being a company that pushes the envelope for bringing awareness to local causes within our community. Over the years we have helped support & raise awareness for a number of causes, from orchestrating community food drives to hosting fundraisers to support children with autism. Our love for Tattoos & Piercings help us to accomplish these goals and further implant ourselves as a staple to this city.



Transitioning from the hospitality industry to the tattoo industry was a difficult but worthwhile jump for Benjamin aka @bc_ink. His biggest motivation is the constant strive to become a better artist than he was the day before. Though starting his career as an asian traditional artist, over the years Ben has ultimately decided the best styles suited for him are; greek mythology realism, small realism and large neo traditional greek. A natural self starter, being the owner and founder of North York Ink after only a year in the industry, Ben hopes to one day, sooner than later, open up a much larger, elegantly designed, newly renovated commercial space to continue to serve the community of North York and be home to some of the city’s best talent.


Abbie aka @cnvrso.a found her love for art in highschool. Mesmerized by the way her favourite art teacher spoke on the subject, with such passion -  she was sold. When she's not tattooing you can find her hanging out with her bunny or being a regular 24 year old, hanging out with friends, making tik toks… you know cringey shit. She describes her style as “minimalistic yet detailed line art” and hopes to take this style across Canada by guest spotting at a few of her favourite studios.


Finding Inspiration in fellow Tattoo Artist - Anthony Michaels journey as a “self taught” Tattoo Artist,  Edgar aka @ec_artisticflow decided “If he can do it, so can I” thus beginning his journey as a Tattoo Artist himself. A man of mystery, a family man, and an ex BMX rider,  Edgar describes his work as “Creative and Diverse” , a vague way of saying he’s up for the challenge, whatever it may be!


Transitioning from a career in graphic design to a career as a Tattoo Artist in February of 2020, after falling in love with the culture at the NIX convention in Toronto in 2019 - Jesse aka @jessejamessomething quickly found his niche and has stuck with it ever since. His horror black and grey realism tattoos have gained him popularity amongst the horror, demons and monster buffs. Though very early in his career, Jesse is already a force to be reckoned with.


Danika has always had a passion for art. Starting her career as a body piercer, Danika was no stranger to the ins and outs of the tattoo industry. In the not so back of her mind Danika has always planned on becoming a tattoo artist, making the transition to being a full time tattoo artist from being a piercer seamless. Danika specialises in floral Mandalas, colourful realism and illustration.


The NIX tattoo convention seems to breed more tattoo artists post convention than there are actual tattoo artists in attendance. Sustai aka @davichele fell in love with the industry shortly after attending the 2019 NIX convention, and with a little help from his mentor @evanyuink he has become the artist we know and love today. Pulling inspiration from his personal experiences as seen reflected in his artwork, Sustai hopes to share those experiences with the rest of the world one day by guest spotting across the globe. 


Starting her tenure in the tattoo industry at the tender age of 18, Taylor aka @hand.taylored is already an industry vet. Starting at the bottom, Taylor worked her way up from being the front desk receptionist at a small tattoo shop in Niagara to one of the most coveted and skilled piercers in all of the GTA. Don’t let her intimidating exterior fool you, when she's not poking holes in people she’s probably at home watching Twilight, or in a park somewhere going for long walks in the park with her puppy. 

4864a Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5N2

Community Partners

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