At the beginning of every great artists career is a period of time ridden with eagerness and a naïve burning desire to show the world what we (as a creative) are capable of.  But what if that eagerness  is not met with opportunity? Where do we go from there?


We often hear failed artists mention that their pitfall was in fact a lack of opportunity, or perhaps a lack of direction, and that things might have been different if presented with either one or the other early in their creative journey.

The Canvas Donor Program is a program designed to eliminate the “what if?” and to minimize the pitfalls and the hardships one experiences in their early creative journey.


Here at North York Ink we have set a system in place to provide that opportunity for our young apprentices.  We as the senior staff have groomed our apprentices to a point in which just practicing on a fake skin, or even a grapefruit isn’t going to cut it. They need more – they deserve more.


We are offering free tattoos to those willing to provide their skin, the most valuable canvas, (as we all know), to an eager student ready to shine. But more than that, we are offering free tattoos to those willing to provide the opportunity.


How it works?


There is a form at the bottom of this for you to apply to be chosen to become a donor. Once that form is submitted, it will be taken into review by our senior staff. We are not just looking for anyone who wants a ‘free’ tattoo, no; we are looking for someone who wants to be a part of the reason one of our artists can say, years into the future, that the are who they are because etc.


In this form, there will be a portion for design. This is important because not all designs are going to be within the skill level of our apprentices. Each design will be vetted by one of our senior artists and placed with the right apprentice for the job.


Throughout the process a senior artist will be mediating the interaction and the tattooing process, so you will be in good hands from start to finish.



Rebate Program


As we mentioned this service will be free.  There is a rebate option associated with this program however… we want to see that the tattoo has healed properly, we want to see how it has healed and if there are any imperfections. This will help the apprentice fix his/her mistakes and improve as an artist.  The cost for this is $20, which will be refunded to you once you return for your ‘review’ appointment.


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