Frequently asked questions

This is my first tattoo, what can I expect?

Great! We love new comers! As a newbie, there are a couple things you are going to want to know before getting a tattoo: - You must be 18+ to get a tattoo. - You must not be under the influence. - We won’t tattoo anything insulting or offensive. - You must be sure you are ready for the commitment. - Set your tattoo goals and envision how you see yourself with tattoos. - Be kind. Respect the process. Have fun. The tattoo industry can be a lot of fun, however - we take what we do very seriously. We love having our clients come back with cool ideas and we love helping you bring those ideas to life. Our staff is here to help you through these four stages: 1. Conceptual stage - Ideas , research, styles, themes, tones, references. 2. Placement Stage - Real estate, size, flow, dry fitting. 3. Stencil Stage - Stencil creation, sterilization, application, confirmation. 4. Tattoo Stage - Session begins.

How much does a tattoo cost?

Our prices range depending on artist and experience. If you have an artist in mind give us a shout here!

I have an idea, can one of your artists help me?

Absolutely! If you’ve already got an idea you’re way ahead of the game. Let’s book you in for a Free Consultation and brainstorm some ideas together! Bring in some references, preferably on your phone or iPad, makes it easier to transfer over to us during consultation.

Do tattoos hurt?

In short, yes. But go read our article titled ‘No Pain No Ink’ and you’ll see it from a new perspective and view pain differently. All tattoos hurt, but the level of pain you feel is all based on your own tolerance. Some areas that hurt certain people may not hurt quite the same for others. Which means: pain is subjective. You may have heard about the heaviness of a person's hand and how it can affect the pain level of the tattoo. This is true, needles going too deep past the dermis creates extra trauma to the skin.

Can I use numbing creams?

No. unfortunately. We won’t operate on skin that has been applied with numbing cream. Reasons: A. It can compromise the skin and make it harder for the artist to do their job. B. The cream can compromise the ink. C. If upon arrival, there is already numbing cream on, we will have to reschedule or wait till it passes. You will be charged for the artist's time.

What happens if i change my mind?

We understand! It happens, tattoos are permanent. Unfortunately, if the deposit has been made and a design has been drafted, the deposit will not be returned. If changes need to be made to the design, without changing the subject but rather parts of the design, we will (at no cost) continue to do this until the design is finalized and confirmed.

My tattoo faded out, can you guys help?

If your tattoo was done here, we do offer one Complimentary Touch Up that will be honored up until 6 months. Avoid sun exposure during this time. A setup fee of 20$ will be applied for supplies. If the tattoo is faded and was NOT done at North York Ink, we will need to charge the session as though it was your first time, like a new tattoo and from there we will either go with the studio minimum pricing, or by the hour.

I want to cover up a tattoo!

If the tattoo is old and faded, that's great. Be open to ideas as your options aren’t as open anymore! Be open to going darker! Contrast is your friend. Be open to going bigger! So we can camouflage it. Color can be of great usefulness when trying to cover something up. Research an artists previous works, so you can gauge their ability to cover up your tattoo. No one likes a double or even worse… a triple cover up! Laser is a great option, but keep in mind that a laser is burning your skin and it will require up to 6 weeks minimum to fully heal. The tattoo may not need to be fully removed. Confirm with your artist during the process to ensure that the tattoo has been adequately removed. Be patient if you are removing a tattoo by means of laser in hopes of getting another tattoo, there’s no rush.

I want to get a large piece done, what do i do?

We’re glad you’re ready for the commitment. Make sure you are absolutely sure of whatever you decide. A sleeve, for example, is a large tattoo and consists of a variety of different flowing elements. It is always good to plan out your sleeve to the full extent and to work your way gradually towards it’s completion. Some clients choose to take the route of collecting a variety of small and medium sized tattoos that over time create a ‘sleeve’. So, what’s better? To each their own really. Both are great as long as we get to do some dope tattoos.

I’m not 18 yet can i still get a tattoo?

With parental consent, ages 16 and above can get a tattoo as long as they display a certain level of decisiveness and good reasoning for the tattoo. If the artist does not feel comfortable tattooing, they have the right to refuse service.

I donate blood. Can I still get a tattoo or a piercing?

Yes and No. No, unfortunately you cannot donate blood right away, and some institutes have suggested waiting up to 3 months to a year following a microblading, tattooing, piercing and any non medical body modifications. It is important to be clear and transparent with your doctor/nurse about your procedures if you are thinking about donating blood.

Can I get a tattoo if I'm pregnant?

No, you really shouldn’t get tattooed when you’re pregnant. There are too many complications that you are putting yourself at or experiencing, and to be honest it’s just not a risk we are willing to take. But come back once the baby is born, we’ll be here to help, an added plus is that we get to see how cute the baby is!

How long will my tattoo last?

We do REAL permanent tattoos at North York Ink. So if all goes well and the tattoo is taken care of properly, meaning : - The healing process was done accordingly. - You wore SPF 30+ sunscreen if you were out for long. - Didn’t use too many chemical products. - Didn’t swim too often. Them really… they should last forever!

How do I take care of my tattoo?

We have a full page dedicated to teaching you how to care for your new tattoo. Click here!

Will I need a touch up?

There are a number of different reasons that a tattoo could fade. Normally, it’s due to: - Sun exposure - Abrasion - Scratching - Poor healing - Poor application If the tattoo was done at North York Ink, we will honor a Free Service Touch up, but there will be a 20$ set up fee for materials and supplies. If however, the artist feels as though you did not listen to the instructions given by the artist, and you did not responsibly take care of the tattoo, the tattoo may be charged again. If the tattoo was not done by one of us, we will charge you as though it were a new tattoo, which means - charging you our minimum or charging you per hour.

Do you take walk-ins?

Usually, we take walk-in tattoos, however, during Covid-19 we will NOT be accepting walk-ins and we will be APPOINTMENT ONLY for the foreseeable future.

What’s the best way to prepare for a consultation?

Preparation! Yes! We love readiness, but if you need help making up your mind here are some tips: - Social media is great for inspiration, but we are not in the business of copying another artist’s tattoos. That's a no-no. Instead, see what ideas appeal to you. For example;, full sleeves, half sleeves, minimalist forearm, only torsos etc. On certain social media platforms you can join groups that showcase designs all around the world. - To find specific elements to your design, look to Pinterest or Google Images. Look more broadly, not only limiting yourself to looking at tattoos. These days anything can be a tattoo. - If you have a story or an idea to describe, it is best to write it down for your artist so there is something to refer to. - List all of the things you don’t want in your tattoo design so your artist knows how much free range they have. - Artists LOVE having free range for creativity. If you have any specific requests, make sure to voice them to avoid any misunderstandings. - More is not always better. Doing your homework and doing the research is great and appreciated, but narrow them down to the best few. Artists have a lot of references to review between multiple clients.