What is the Hardest Tattoo Style To Do?

Tattoos come in so many different styles, and each requires its own set of skills and techniques.

But which type of tattoo style is the hardest to pull off?

Among professional tattoo artists, it’s definitely realistic tattoos. With their intricate details and lifelike qualities, they can be a challenge.

But that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to do! If you’re looking for a realism tattoo, it’s all about finding the right tattoo artist.

Let’s take a closer look at the realism tattoo style and how to find the perfect tattoo artist:

Realistic Tattoos

Out of all the different tattoo styles out there, realism tattoos are breathtaking! They capture real-life subjects with precision and detail.

A tattoo artist has to have a keen eye for detail and know how to shade in order to create these convincing images in ink.

This tattoo design takes a high level of technical skill and artistic talent to make sure what you want actually looks like what you want.

Just look up bad tattoo fails, and 99% of them are realistic tattoos gone wrong!

But don’t let that scare you away from getting a realistic tattoo. All you have to do is take a look at a tattoo artist’s portfolio to know if they have a good grasp on this style.

Micro-Realism Tattoos

We can’t talk about realism tattoos without talking about their little sibling – micro-realism tattoos. Micro-realism tattoos are like realism tattoos but smaller.

Micro-realism tattoos take the difficulty of realistic tattoos but makes them miniature, highly detailed designs.

Tattoo artists have to work with really fine lines and shading to create these intricate images on a smaller scale. 

And the result is always amazing!

Realism Tattoo Ideas

Despite these challenges, realistic tattoos (and micro-realism tattoos) offer endless possibilities when it comes to stunning designs.

Here are some ideas and popular tattoo styles:

  • Portraits of loved ones, whether family members, pets, or revered figures.
  • Detailed depictions of animals like lions, wolves, or birds, capturing their essence authentically.
  • Natural landscapes, flowers, and trees brought to life with intricate detail.
  • Realistic renditions of meaningful objects or symbols reflecting personal significance.
  • Reproductions of renowned artworks or cherished photographs honoring iconic imagery.
  • Fusion of fantasy elements with realistic features, crafting imaginative and distinctive designs.

There is no shortage of inspiration for your next realism tattoo!

Do Tattoo Artists Hate These Designs?

The tattoo artists who are good at these designs don’t hate them! If you run into a tattoo artist who rolls their eyes at doing a realistic tattoo, find another tattoo artist.

Many professional and passionate tattoo artists who do realism tattoos are going to jump at the opportunity to show off their skill and create a breathtaking piece of tattoo art for you.

Find the Right Tattoo Artist For Your Realism Tattoo

If you’re thinking about getting a realism tattoo, don’t shy away because they’re hard!

At North York Ink, we love a challenge (and we like to show off a little, too), and we’re here to create beautiful and realistic works of art.

Contact us today to book your consultation, and let’s get started!

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