Diving Into Ink Addiction: The Artistic Obsession

We live in a time where one of the strongest drivers of economics is instant gratification. We’re surrounded by it, and it comes in many different shapes and forms.

It’s the feeling of satisfaction when we achieve something. Nowadays, we obtain dopamine a lot easier due to easy access to things like getting likes on social media, one-click purchases, same-day delivery, faster meals, and tattoos!

Businesses are driven to make everything instant. We want it, and we want it now!

That’s the demand of the market and now has become a standardized norm to be convenient, efficient, and quick.

With the tattoo industry rapidly gaining market share, tattoo globalization, new tattoo artists saturation, and easier actions, millions of tattoo studios have opened up worldwide.

It has become a generational choice of medium for their love of fine arts – but what does addiction have to do with tattoos?

Tattoo Addiction – More Than a Piece of Body Art?

Addiction is somewhat of a double-edged sword with the ability to cause both good and harm – progress can be achieved if aimed at the right goal, but failure and despair if pointed at the wrong one.

For ages, humans have longed for material and immaterial things: sex, money, drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, internet, fame and success, and now, tattoos.

It is an innate human instinct that we are drawn to things that give us a sense of pleasure.

Seldomly people will abuse these pleasures, and they can turn bliss into chaos. It’s literally a chemical reaction when we get that feeling of achievement, accomplishment, reward, bliss, etc.

It’s called dopamine.

This same feeling is achieved even through many simple acts such as “likes & shares, emails, posts, reading, cooking” to severe habits like alcohol, smoking, and gluttony.

This list is literally endless, as different people would be addicted to different things depending on their personalities. These kinds of habits will give you instant gratification releasing that same dopamine hormone that makes you feel good and accomplished.

The Addiction of the Tattoo Experience

Why is that bad? Because you only have a finite amount of dopamine receptors can be worn out through overstimulation.

When you are depleted with it, you feel down and unsatisfied with even simple things.

Focusing your attention on good habits, however, allows those same dopamine and endorphin hormones to emit a positive flow of energy that gives those natural ‘feels,’ as you would if you were to choose the easier instant method.

Except it’s even better because you earned it through effort, persistence, and aspiration, and that energy is compounded forward to be passed over to the following day.

Plus, there’s no come down!

Habits such as exercise, nutritional eating, meditation, reading, etc., will give you that positive and healthy vibe.

Of course, there is always a balance in life. Working out too much can be harmful, extreme dieting can result in a lack of nutrients. Finding the right balance is always going to be the key to life.

Now what does that have to do with tattoos? Quite a lot, actually.

When we get inked and that needle is drilling into our skin at the speed of light (the speed is actually about, give or take, 100 volts or 90 cycles), our body starts its autoimmune system process and begins to produce its natural norepinephrine to help the body manage the pain.

This feeling will differ from person to person, but dizziness, lightheadedness, vomiting, fainting, and even minor seizures are not uncommon.

This is when having training, experience, and an experienced tattoo artist is important for proper and careful handling.

Many believe the feeling of getting a tattoo is also physically addictive because it just sometimes feels good.

That feeling of heightened adrenaline paired with a collaborative creation causes oxytocin and endorphin hormones to produce and give the feeling of euphoria at times.

When the session is all said and done, that reward hormone comes kicking in with a dose of dopamine. It’s really a chemical cocktail.

It feels great, and you get a kickass tattoo out of it. With such a vast amount of tattoo artists coming up and tattoo taboos coming to an end.

The opportunities to get a tattoo are much higher, and tattooing happens a lot more frequently.

Is Seeking the Perfect Tattoo a Bad Thing?

Thus, the addiction begins as your mind wanders through the internet and comes up with amazing new tattoo ideas for your other arm or leg.

Some people dive right into it and start to collect them like trading cards.

Healing times become perpetual, and skin real estate starts to become scarce.

Visits to “tattoo shops near me” become more frequent, and you become friends with your artist.

The addiction really starts to settle in, but you’re not doing drugs, stealing, or harming others, and you won’t be on the street and homeless.

You just have this new love for tattoos and the self-expression it gives you.

The feeling of dopamine after getting a Dope Ass tattoo is a nice added touch as well!

The process of getting a tattoo should be a fun and comfortable procedure and a life-lasting experience. The excitement brings our clients back, wanting more and more.

Addiction doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Collecting and having amazing art displayed on your body is an ecstatic feeling, and we’re all for that.

The art and emotions created are what create this experience!

Tattoo North York – Get Addictink!

At North York Ink, our addiction lies within the passion for arts and the courage to create a masterpiece with our clients.

Let us deviate from any connotations of the word tattoo and view this addiction to tattoos as simply a collection of love and passion for the arts.

We are #addictink to tattoos!

As always, if you are looking to get tattooed, make sure you go to professionals who do this as their career and profession.

For free consultations and tattoo ideas, get in touch with our team of talented artists!

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