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Since opening our doors in 2016 we have made it a point to give back to the community of North York and surrounding municipalities as frequent as possible. Something that we hold very close to our hearts is our Annual North York Food Harvest Holiday food drive.

Over the years we have collected a combined total of 100LBS of non perishable food and sorted a whopping total of 7,000LBS of non perishable food. None of it could have been made possible without our wonderful clients at North York Ink.

It is important to note that while giving over the holidays is great, the lack of access to food and basic resources is a year round epidemic for some. We should do more as a community YEAR ROUND to help change the lives of people who could use a little help.

We all have the chance to make an incredible difference for our neighbours struggling with food insecurity. Those in need range from parents who are unemployed and unable to feed their families, to seniors on fixed incomes – thousands of people are turning to North York Harvest for help, and many for the first time.

There are many ways we can contribute to this epidemic and help change the narrative. Whether you are more comfortable with a cash donation or hosting your own food drive – we encourage you to get involved.

You can never know what someone else is going through… but you don’t always need to in order to put a smile on their face and food in their belly’s.

Find out ways to get involved and change a life here at .

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