Spooky season is upon us!! 👻 🎃  You know what that means… North York Ink’s annual Halloween flash event is right around the corner! On Oct 29-30, we are doing our traditional flash event & we are bringing back the Tattoo Wheel of Horror!

The rules are as follows:

  • Choose your design, each player gets 1 choice of design.

  • We – the house, will also select 1 design. 

  • Just to make it all the more interesting, there will be a random selection pick that neither player nor house will choose! 

  • Next… You spin! Each player only gets one spin per game!

Players of the Tattoo Wheel of Horror will be able to enjoy discounted prices for all designs. If you choose not to participate in the Tattoo Wheel of Horror, all flash designs will be regular price!


There will be absolutely NO RESPINS!!! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃


You will be able to reserve a time slot to pick your design the day of. Choosing the flash is first come first serve. Book your time slot asap! 

In addition to our Halloween flash event we will be hosting a Costume Contest! The best costume will receive a $50 gift card for North York Ink to be used towards ALL services, including Piercings! 

Speaking of piercings… It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have a piercing promotion for Halloween. Enjoy 25% off all piercings for the entire Halloween weekend! 

Take a look at the amazing flash designs the artists at North York Ink have brewed up for you! 

Most artists are available throughout out the weekend. Tier 1 are all repeatable designs!



Tattoo Flash Sheets Tier: 

Tier 1- $100  (Regular Price) $80 ( Game Price) 

Tier 2 - $200 (Regular Price) $180 ( Game Price) 



  • Online booking will be available on OCT25, 2022 12PM EDT at

  • Online booking is for a time slot ONLY, flashes will be chosen the day of.
  • Actual tattoo time (length of session) will vary based on the artist behind the flash that is chosen.

  • Clients will be required to pay a deposit once flash is chosen to secure their appointment.

  • Each time slot is limited to one per person. You cannot book for your friends/family**.


* This is a
18+ event, government issued ID check is required upon appointment. 
** Duplicate appointments will not be accepted. 

*** Same day appointments are welcome. 


Q: Can I prebook my flash design?

A: You will be able to book a time to PICK your flash, but choosing the flash is first come first serve. Book your time slot asap!

Q: After I picked my design, then what? 

A: We will then assign you an appointment! If the artist is available when you pick your design, you will start asap! If however, the artist is unavailable we will have schedule a later appointment. 

Q: What if I want more than 1 tattoo?

A: Each client is allowed a maximum of 2 designs to ensure everyone gets a pick. If there are any extra designs left over you can have a go again!


Q: Can I make changes to the design?

A: All flash sales are final and cannot be altered.

Q: Are the design repeatable?

A: Only tier 1's designs are repeatable! 


Q: Can I choose a design for a friend?

A: Nope! The person that wants the tattoo must be present to choose the design for themselves


Q: Can I get it any other day?

A: The discounted price will only apply to the halloween weekend, however you can always book an appointment with us any other day you desire.


Q: Can I tip my artist?

A: Tips are encouraged!


Q: Can I bring my own design?

A: Unfortunately we are only doing our flashes this time around!


Q: What age do I have to be?

A: This is an18+ event. If you are around that age please bring your id.


Q: Can I bring guests?

A: Due to limited spacing, guests will not be allowed in the tattooing area.

If you have any questions at all regarding any of the above information, feel free to reach out to us at