Dynamic Duo

Valentine’s Day was a time for couples to come out and prove their love for one another… and boy did you do just that! 

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Every couple – or single gets ONE spin of the NYI tattoo roulette to determine your tattoo.

Before you spin, you must choose the Dynamic Duo of your choice.

We – the house,  will also select a duo of our choosing.

And just to make it all the more interesting, there will be a random selection pick

that neither player nor house will choose. 

Here are the three tiers you can choose from: 

  1. $100 for two (2) / $50 Each 

  2. $200 for two (2) / $100 Each

  3. $300 for two /$150 Each

Sooooo… Can I come alone?  – Of. course! 

The same rules apply however there is a twist for all of you hopeless romantics!

 Regardless of what tier you choose, whatever half of a duo you get tattooed

you get to leave a message for the other single/individual receiving the second half of that tattoo!

A little North York Ink matchmaker!!



By EC_artisticflow

By JesseJamessomething

By Abbie

By Rosi

By Nilab

By Danika

By Sustai

By Xander

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