Tattoos as Fashion Statements: Inking Your Style

Like most art forms, fashion has a trend of its own. Over the ages, it evolves and creates trend cycles.

Sometimes fashion trends go out of style, and sometimes they return.

But how do tattoos play a role in the world of fashion, and how are the two industries colliding?

The World of Fashion

It is without a doubt that throughout history, the trends of fashion have had a lot of bold looks. Clothes and fashion have a difference in that clothes are the garments you wear 80% of the time, and fashion are the ones you wear 20% of the time.

Fashion is the newest and latest and can change very quickly and every industry will have its own trend cycles.

In our modern-day fashion, celebrities, social media influencers, athletes, and influential people have a huge impact on the direction that these trends will go in.

Fashion is made to portray a sense of status or power. It may not be the most functional, but it can leave a lasting impression – one that can either strike fear or awe.

Typically the higher status or royal blood will be fashioned much differently. This is to differentiate power by possessing desirable material objects and displaying a cloak of confidence and honor.

Fashion trends are created not solely by the clothing material worn but by the confidence associated with wearing it.

Two people wearing the same outfit with a different outlook in life will have a much different effect when it comes to the image they want to portray.

Take Lady Gaga, for example -some may say that her fashion style is bizarre and controversial, but that’s the exact reaction she wants people to have of her. She is unpredictable and demands attention.

Tattoo Styles and Fashion

Tattoos are much like fashion, and they attract attention from viewers. When you’re walking around with a fresh new tattoo, everyone notices.

How you wear that tattoo depends on the confidence you put behind the ink.

Some people’s demeanor may suit an ‘out of trend’ tattoo because that is the character that they are.

For example, The Rock and his Maoi custom tattoos. Some may say that is out of style because it is a traditional Maori tattoo, but that is his heritage, and it tells the story of his family.

Not everyone can just ‘rock’ the same tattoo as him and expect the same reaction.

Tattoos can easily influence someone into wanting something without necessarily being 100% sure they want that particular design. Oftentimes clients want to fill up their skin more than they care about what is on the unique tattoo design.

Their intention is to have that full sleeve or two, full back, or just the leg because they saw that someone else looks ‘rock one.’ A tattoo design is specially curated for each person wearing it.

This is what gives the fashion exclusivity. Custom-fit to size, and it grows with you as you age.

In ancient times, tribes would tattoo one another when they had proven their worthiness, and it was done so out of pride and honor.

In some cultures, the word ‘tattoo’ had a negative connotation behind it, that it was for criminals, slaves, and gangsters.

Throughout our history, tattoos have garnered both negative and positive reviews.

As ideologies change and tattoos become not only acceptable but popularised, tattoos are now worn as a proud representation of their individualism.

In modern society, we don’t have to form tribes anymore, but we have learned to embrace our freedoms of rights and individualism. We are proud to display our stories, loved ones, successes, and failures on our bodies as badges of honor.

The Evolution of Body Art as Fashion

As society evolves at a rapid pace, so do industries such as fashion and the appeal of people’s image – and social media plays a large role in evolving industries.

As hunters and gatherers disappear, the modern version of it is a hard-working man or woman who can make their own status in life. Individualism is on the peak of the rise.

Nowadays, image is a very highly valued commodity. We may hate to judge others and vice versa, but it is inevitable that it will happen in some way, shape, or form.

Tattoos play a huge role in the expression of individualism, and people are flocking to tattoo shops in order to express the values and ideologies they possess. Their body becomes their way of telling their stories, and their fashion becomes their brand.

Wearing these designs has become a badge of honor and pride that people in society walk around proudly on their skin. These badges have become their status quo, and the right to express it has become their best friend.

Creative Tattoo Ideas

As the popularity of tattoos grows, so too does the urge for people to become creative in their own image. It is a growing trend for people to want to cover their bodies with more ink than skin.

Such styles of tattoos include full arm or leg sleeves, back pieces, full body, etc.

Some people do full-body murals, some people black out full-body parts and some people even wear a mask to cover their own faces.

Whatever it may be, people are getting covered up!

But this is the main point, people are looking to create a certain look via the process of tattoos, no matter where they put them. Tattoos are literally the tightest clothing anyone can ever wear.

It creates an image of sexual appeal for both men and women, as someone can be naked yet look so covered. This creates a new genre of clothing, canvas clothing.

This strengthens the point that tattoos have become a trend in fashion and have influenced the way the fashion industry has grown along with the tattoo industry.

The Upward Trend of the Tattoo Experience

Tattoos are now on a huge uptrend, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Social media has become a haven for tattoo inspiration, and people are getting ideas of how they want to be seen, and having a reason for the tattoo.

Tattoos don’t always have to have a reason, but if you’re looking to do a sleeve, it’s good to do some research before jumping to the gun with such a large commitment.

Fashion will have its trends as well, and it is good to figure out what kind of trend it currently is so that when you wear your tattoo for life, you know that it will still be dope!

Tribal tattoos are a great example of a fashion trend that came and went.

As the industry grows, we leave behind some of the much simpler styles while we strive for masterpieces.

This isn’t to say that tribal tattoos are bad, they do suit some people, but perspectives do change over time, and it is good to get the perspective from a professional tattoo North York artist who will guide you in your design.

In no way are tattoo artists fashion consultants, but when it comes to your skin, give them the benefit of the doubt that they will know what looks good or not.

When it comes to finding “tattoo shops near me,” seek out artists who are trained in a way that will look out for what will look good for you and the tattoo.

If you’re ready to get started with some tattoo fashion of your own, get in touch with North York Ink today!

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