Tattoos and Pain: The Beautiful Agony of Body Art

Getting a tattoo is something that though it is painful, we keep going back for more despite the pain. We go through countless hours of work, enduring painfully long sessions willingly.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

As humans, we are naturally drawn to things that hurt us. It’s part of our biological instinct for survival.

Where pain is occurring, progress will soon take its place, and tattoos have become a source of progress.

The experience creates importance and remembrance. The psychology behind the process is that tattoos offer a feeling of overcoming threats and thriving.

The Pain of the Tattoo Experience

Nowadays, tattoos have become a sensation, and more and more people are getting larger and more detailed tattoos, oftentimes in areas that cause excruciating pain.

But it still doesn’t stop people from getting them done.

Pain is the most important aspect of a tattoo. Without it, it might as well be a henna pattern (no shade).

It is the pain that truly gives a sense of accomplishment when getting a new tattoo. It is the long hours of patience and self-control that allow someone the right to say they earned their tattoo. It is a badge that one wears around with honor.

Pain and Culture

For centuries pain has been used as an indicator of progress, maturity, or righteousness. Different cultures from around the world will have various methods to inflict pain onto someone in order to test their merits and readiness for their upcoming trial of tribulation.

A Brazilian tribe in the Amazon jungles holds a 12-hour ritual where boys as young as 12 years old must place their hands inside a pair of gloves infested with ‘bullet ants’ to prove their worthiness of becoming a warrior.

They say it hurts 30 times more than a bee sting! No thanks, I’ll stick with my tattoos.

Parts of West Africa have a long tradition of scarification where a sharp object is used to create numerous cuts on their faces and bodies. This tradition symbolizes one’s connection to adulthood.

Across the world, tattoos have been used as a ritual to initiate one into a new state of being.

Polynesians are famous for their Maoi designs, and they are used to show one’s status in society and tell their story. An unfinished tattoo shows a sign of weakness and shame.

Perfect Tattoos = Perfect Pain

A modern tattoo must also be looked at as going through a ritual that involves the infliction of pain in order to walk out a different person. Without pain, tattoos would lose their value.

A part of human progress is to fail at something in order to succeed. Pain is once again necessary for there to be progress.

What does pain do to the brain?

When we get hurt, our natural reaction is, “That really freaking hurt. Let’s not do that again.” We remember the level of pain caused by said event.

We might even forget the details sometimes, but the feeling of the pain can never be forgotten.

When getting a tattoo, not only is a design permanently inserted into your skin, but a memory is also placed in your brain.

We connect memories with painful events.

When a client comes and wants to get a tattoo to signify something of importance, the pain caused creates a lasting experience that is so closely attached to the thought of that person, place, or thing.

This makes the whole experience so much more valuable and memorable.

Can Pain Cause Pleasure?

Suffering from pain is a part of life. If there were no pain, we wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate life when times are good.

It is the difficult times that give us joy and satisfaction when we’ve reached past the point of pain and enjoy the pleasures it brings.

Many clients are excited when getting a new tattoo, and the thought of pain becomes a secondary thought.

Pain is addictive, and we keep wanting to get that feeling back. That rush of adrenaline. The sense of achievement.

There is a form of energy created by it. It’s believed that tattoos also bring about a feeling of focus and calmness.

Where the pain actually becomes pleasure, and your brain assumes one for the other. It puts you in a state of trance, almost like a meditation.

Your brain waves lower down to Alpha and Theta waves, your heart rate spikes, and then lowers to a comfortable level to better cope with pain.

People have sat through hundreds of hours, and there is a method to cope with the pain and channel the energy to power through sessions.

Pain is a sensory that can be manipulated if executed properly.

Humans have always demonstrated superhuman-like abilities – they’ve walked on fire, swam in freezing water, demolished material objects with bare hands, and so much more without being harmed.

Pain can be controlled if done correctly.

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