Ink and Iron: The Athletic Canvas – Exploring the Artistry of Athlete Tattoos

Why are tattoos so popular among athletes?

Playoff season for what seems like every major league sport is here, and the tattoos are out!

Have you ever wondered what the deal is with athletes covering their bodies head to toe in ink?

In the world of major league sports, tattoos have become increasingly popular over the last decade or so, with so many athletes choosing to adorn their bodies with these permanent forms of expression.

But are sports participants with tattoos shunned for having a tattooed body or is society beginning to realize that ink has nothing to do with athletic performance?

Let’s take a look!

Sports and Body Art

Tattoos, in general, can be representative of one’s personal beliefs, they can commemorate significant life events or, more commonly nowadays, serve as a fashion statement.

Athletes are no exception to this trend, matter of fact, athletes have some of the most outrageous tattoos!

It’s almost as if the very first athlete with a poorly done tattoo referred every athlete they knew to the same tattoo artist, and so on and so forth.

With that being said, we have seen some pretty incredible tattoos amongst athletes and entertainers with many of them using tattoos as a way to showcase their dedication to their craft.

While tattoos are widely accepted in today’s society, a time once existed when they were considered taboo.

Why the Hate-On for a Tattooed Body?

It’s no secret that athletes – in most societies, are held to an unrealistically high standard and are often regarded as heroes or role models and, at times, actual models having their faces plastered on your favorite cereal.

For this reason, early on, athletes were discouraged from getting tattoos because of the perceived negative impact on their public image and the undeniable influence they have on young aspiring athletes and young children in general.

Fortunately, over the last decade or so, the once negative connotations associated with tattoos have more or less gone out the window and tattoos are now seen by the majority as one of the truest forms of self-expression.

Regardless of what you tattoo on your body, for the most part, it’s with you from now “til forever more”.

In other words, it takes a certain amount of commitment and dedication. In otherOTHER words, it better mean a great deal to you.

Popular rap artist Lil Wayne once said, “Athletes want to be rappers, and rappers want to be athletes,” and this cliche appears to hold true not only for rappers but for musicians in all genres, as not everyone exclusively listens to rap music.

One thing that ties most musicians together is their ridiculous tattoos, a trend that has been around since the days of Janis Joplin!

For most artists, tattoos are how they tell their personal stories outside of their music.

Examples of Athletes With Tattoos

For athletes, it’s the same. We can count how many points Lebron James put on the board or how many touchdown passes Tom Brady threw in his final year playing professional football, all statistics – but what is their story? What best represents them?

It could be just that, stats, numbers, accolades, or it could be something – anything else.

Similar to entertainers, athletes who get tattoos often, often get tattoos that represent their craft or their team — or ‘clique’.

For example, professional football players may get tattoos of their team’s logo, or a football while professional basketball players may get tattoos of a basketball or a hoop, and a country singer might get a microphone or cowboy boots… you get it.

These tattoos can serve as a form of motivation and inspiration, reminding the athlete of their commitment to their sport.

Beyond representing their sport, as we touched on earlier, athletes often use tattoos to showcase their personal beliefs or values.

For example, many athletes choose to get tattoos that feature religious symbols or quotes that inspire them.

These tattoos can serve as a reminder of their faith or their personal philosophy, helping them stay grounded and focused.

One athlete who is known for his extensive tattoos is former Manchester United superstar David Beckham. Beckham has over 60 tattoos, many of which represent his family and his faith.

In a 2016 commercial for his collaboration with Biotherm Homme skincare, he spoke about some of them, saying that “The story of my life is written on my skin. Don’t expect to read it on my face.” – a quote many of us can very much relate to.

One other WIDELY popular athlete that is completely inked up is Lebron James. Lebron has several tattoos, including a tribute to his hometown of Akron, Ohio, and a portrait of his son.

His tattoos have become a part of his public image, and he has even been featured in advertisements for tattoo parlors!

Beyond Skin Deep

Despite the growing acceptance of tattoos in sports, there are still some athletes who choose not to get tattooed for their own personal reasons.

And likewise, there are still some fans and front-office employees who see tattooed athletes as hooligans or distractions to the organisation – to some extent, they might be right, depending on the individual.

But to group every tattooed athlete or regular civilian with the next is a mistake. A lot can be understood by one’s tattoos, you just have to listen or look.

Ink is a Slam Dunk for Sports Stars

Fortunately, times are changing for the better. We, as I am sure many others, look forward to the future of tattoo acceptance across all industries and professions.

While there used to be a stigma around tattoos, especially for public figures like athletes who are seen as role models, society is becoming much more accepting of body art in recent years.

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