Why Tattoo Consultations are a MUST, before your Appointment!

A quick guide to understanding why Tattoo Consultations are so Important!

Tattoo consultations are a key component in all successful tattoo experiences. They allow our artists and our clients the opportunity to thoroughly discuss the design, placement, and size of the tattoo. 

Here are a few reasons why the initial tattoo consultation is important:

  • Designing the Tattoo: During the consultation we work together with our clients to design a tattoo that meets your needs and expectations. Our artist’s will suggest to you what designs work best in certain areas – and offer alternative adjustments that can improve the overall look of the tattoo!
  • Placement: Placement is CRITICAL when it comes to tattoos. Our artists will best advise you on the best location for the tattoo based on the design, your lifestyle, and your comfort level.
  • Size: The size of the tattoo, as you can imagine, is also very important! During the consultation we assist our clients in choosing a size that is appropriate for the design, placement and preference.
  • Health Concerns: Having a consultation before the appointment allows us to understand and be made aware of any health concerns you may have that could affect the tattooing process. Such as; allergies, medications, blood conditions, skin conditions, or any other health related issues that could cause complications during the appointment.
  • Cost: And last but not least, consultations allow us the opportunity to provide an accurate estimate of the cost of the tattoo, including any additional costs such as touch-ups or aftercare products.

At North York Ink, we provide free, in person, tattoo consultations.This allows our artists and clients to work together to create a tattoo that meets the client’s needs, while also ensuring that the tattoo is safe and successful.

For more information on tattoo consultations, check out our blog about how to prepare for a tattoo consultation!

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